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China Donates Solar Garden Street Light To Guinea-Bissau


Published by Mars June 05,2020

    On February 23, the Chinese government donated 110 solar garden street light to Guinea Bissau to solve the problem of unstable power supply in Bissau and affecting night lighting.


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     Guinea-Bissau Transitional Prime Minister Barros pointed out at the handover ceremony that these solar garden street light can greatly improve the security of the capital city of Bissau. These garden street light are mainly installed around the Bissau City Hall, the Presidential Palace and nearby communities.Guinea-Bissau power plants are either lacking diesel or technical failures, and the public grid is often short of power, which often causes the Guinea-Bissau capital and the rest of the country to be completely black.


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         To solve the problem, the Guinea-Bissau government sought the help of the United Nations and China to realize the use of solar power in some garden street light to replace traditional energy sources.

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