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The Mystery Of Low-Cost Solar Courtyard Light


Published by Mars March 06,2020

        In the market of solar courtyard light, there are various manufacturers and price. As a professional solar street light company, now we will reveal the mystery of low cost of solar courtyard light.


solar street light company

     First, the difference in power and quality of solar panels. Solar panels provide energy for solar courtyard light. In order to reduce the cost of solar courtyard light, some solar street light company will use inefficient solar panels or smaller solar panels. Normal solar panels have a lifespan of 20-25 years, and such inferior solar panels can last up to 2-3 years, and users cannot find them in a short time.

    Secondly, the difference in the materials and quality of the base of the solar courtyard light. Cheap solar public lighting may be made of ABS plastic, and good ones are made of aluminum alloy. ABS plastic lamp cap, poor heat dissipation, poor sealing, street lamps are prone to failure.


solar street light company

     Thirdly, the difference in battery capacity and quality. Now solar public lighting use lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have much longer performance and longer life than gel batteries. However, for the benefit of many manufacturers in order to make quick money, regardless of the hidden dangers, they will directly eliminate the use of electric vehicle batteries on solar public lighting, and will not consider the issue of later warranty.Even some manufacturers will falsely mark the warranty time. Go to the manufacturer, but no news.

      Fourth, the power of the virtual solar public lighting. This is especially common in solar flood light styles. If you go to the market to buy a solar flood light, the same size of the lamp head, the power on the label may be 100W or 300W. But in fact, the actual light effect is up to 30W.

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