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What is the difference between a solar panel outdoor lights and a general high-pressure sodium lamp?


Published by Mars August 06,2020

1. Light utilization rate, luminous rate

The solar panel outdoor lights source has the minimum loss of luminous flux. Unlike the traditional light source, the solar panel outdoor lights is a half-space light source. The high-pressure sodium lamp is a light source that emits light in a full space. It is necessary to redirect the outgoing light of one half space to the reflector of the other half space, and inevitably absorb the light and block the light source itself. The use of solar panel outdoor lights  as a light source does not have this loss, and the utilization ratio of light is also higher than that of high-pressure nano lamps. At present, solar panel outdoor lights are at 110-140 lumens per watt, while high pressure sodium lamps can reach 140 lumens per watt. The spectrum of the high-pressure sodium lamp is concentrated in yellow, and the color temperature is 2000-2500K. A very big problem with high-pressure sodium lamps is that the illumination of sodium lamps is very poor. When the sodium lamp is in working condition, the temperature inside the lamp cavity should exceed 150 degrees, and the temperature of the integrated solar led street light is 30% of the high pressure sodium lamp. In the non-working state, because of the negative pressure, a lot of dust and insects are sucked in, which greatly affects the sodium lamp. Light effect and longevity. The integrated solar led street light is relatively stable.

street light using solar panel

2. Comparison of construction and cost

Solar system light fixture generally have a relatively good graininess, and their luminous positions are relatively concentrated. Therefore, the integrated solar led street light needs to be better designed on the uniform light, and the point light source is expanded as a surface light source as much as possible to improve the comfort of the eye. Then there are many products that will do LED dimming design to save energy. Most manufacturers of integrated solar led street light have designed integrated solar led street light to be replaceable, that is, to directly replace existing lamps. The LED current is made larger to reduce the number of wicks while maintaining the brightness to save cost, or to compress the PCB area.

street light using solar panel

3. Performance comparison:

Comparison Project High Pressure Sodium Lamp    Street light using solar panel

High power consumption (more than 60% energy saving than high pressure sodium lamps)

Color temperature 2000~2500K           3000~7000K

Color rendering index 20~25              75~85

Operating voltage range AC200V~AC230V    DC12V~DC24V

Power efficiency is low

Light effect: low light efficiency, severe light decay, high light efficiency, low light decay

Light source life is short, <5000 hours, light decay>60%

 Long, 60,000 hours to 100,000 hours of light decay <30%

Protection level IP65 IP65

Protection against electric shock Category I Class I

Start-up time 5~10 minutes Instant start, no delay

Continuous start is not allowed, it takes a few minutes to allow

Environmental protection Mercury pollution, UV radiation

Calorific value, large calorific value, low calorific value, only 30% of high pressure sodium lamp


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