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The city's circuit lights and solar powered outdoor lights,which are more suitable for rural lighting


Published by Mars July 02,2020


  The city's circuit lights and solar powered outdoor lights are used in rural areas. Which type of lighting is more suitable for rural lighting?

  Firstly, from the perspective of installation. Mains lighting street lamps need to be laid with long cables and complicated installation. Solar powered outdoor lights are easy to install and do not need to lay cables. Each solar powered outdoor lights is an independent power generation system. It only needs to be a cement base and fixed with screws.



  Secondly, from a cost perspective. The initial investment of the mains lighting street lamp is relatively low, but it consumes a fixed amount of electricity every day. The electricity charge is not a small amount, but the solar powered outdoor lights has a high initial installation cost. However, once the installation is completed, the electricity fee will not be generated anymore. The solar street light with inbuilt battery is provided by solarpower generation. It is a one-time investment without any maintenance cost. The investment cost can be recovered in about three years.

  Thirdly, from the perspective of maintenance. The solar street light with inbuilt battery is composed of a driving LED light source, a solar panel, a battery (battery, a lithium battery), a light pole, a solar street light with inbuilt battery controller, and the like, wherein the battery is prone to problems. If you buy a poor quality battery, you need to maintain and replace it every 2-3 years, which will result in maintenance costs, but you can buy a good quality battery and need to replace it in 5-8 years. The cables laid by the city's circuit lights also need to be regularly maintained for the lines and other configurations, and the maintenance cost is also a small expense.


  Fourth, from the perspective of street lamp safety. The mains lighting streetlights are complicated, the cables are laid underground, the materials are easy to age, and there may be conflicts with the hydropower pipelines. There are certain safety hazards. The solar street light with inbuilt battery are relatively good in this respect. They are ultra-low voltage products and operate relatively safely and reliable.

  Therefore, in rural areas, ordinary people are more inclined to solar powered led outdoor lights. Because it is green, energy-saving and non-consumption, it is easy to install and easy to maintain.


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